Window Tinting

Having one of our professional highly trained and fully certified installers coat your glass can provide a wide variety of advantages for any commercial or residential building throughout Ireland.

From enhanced appearance to safety, security, privacy, and glare reduction, glass have all your tinting & glass coating needs to be covered.

One of the primary reasons people choose to add window film is to control the negative effects of the sun such as heat, glare & fading.

By minimizing heat, window film can provide a more comfortable & enjoyable environment for car, home, and office workers. Annoying glare is reduced allowing for more pleasant views and a less dangerous working environment. Interior furnishings are better protected from the dangerous rays of the sun.

There are a variety of window film shades or colours that can enhance the look of any building window as well as compliment the design of a home or office. Window film can also provide additional privacy as for people who use a glass coated office or commercial building.

Vehicle Window Tinting

Interested in making your motor stand out? Concerned about the security of your vehicle? Or even fed up of driving around in a car that ends up like a sauna or blinds you on those rare summer days?

Then you either stumbled on us through search engines like Google or you are one of the many people that have been recommended by our previous customers.

Window tinting Window tint reflects solar energy & up to 98% of the UV rays in the atmosphere, this meaning the interior of your car maintains the factory colour and extent of its interior as the tint reduces the amount of fading considerably & the chance of interior plastic panels cracking. At the same time it extremely decreases the heat in your car meaning your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard saving your fuel and money.

More importantly is that it increases safety in the way that if you are unfortunate enough to have a crash the windows won’t shatter, saving both injuries and the time clearing up the mess of smashed glass from the interior of your car.

It allows the security of your car to be increased, depending on shades you decide on, the visibility from the exterior will be decreased thus creating a means of prevention for thieves.