Your outdoor signs are the business cards for your company brand. Is your current outdoor signage representing your brand properly or to the best of its ability? Are your potential customers finding your location easily? Do they know you exist? The proper commercial outdoor signage will ensure all potential customers know who you are and what your brand represents.

Whether you choose an outdoor illuminated lightbox sign, dimensional letters or channel letters, your outdoor building sign is truly a wayfinding tool and brand advertisement all in one. PTG is able to assist with restaurant signs, school signs, office building signs, mall and retail store signage, church signs and graphics, commercial real estate signs, warehouse signs, office signs and anything else in between.


Does your brand need a better way to attract attention?

  • Long term messages with all metal weather resistant signage
  • Custom shapes that match your brand
  • Correct sizes to fit the space – not too small, not too big, it will be just right
  • Reflective or LED illumination to ensure night time viewing
  • Signage needs to fit your specific needs

Long term outdoor signs include aluminium based materials such as Dibond, Alumalite, Ecopanel. Short-term outdoor signage includes materials such as corrugated plastic, vinyl or mesh banners.

Commercial Indoor Signage

PTG has the ability to complete your vision for any brand using the latest sign innovations or the traditional materials you’ve come to rely on. Whether you require custom wall murals, architectural sign systems, small and large format digital printing, our team of professionals have the experience to make it happen. We create signs that enhance your interior office space reinforcing your brand

Wayfinding Signage

PTG has the ability assist your business with any wayfinding signage needs. The point of any wayfinding signage is to direct people to the right floor or office and find their way in an unfamiliar environment. It’s important as to how your directional is displayed so that the information is strategic and in a clear format guiding people to the right direction.

There are three important type of signs:

  • Information/Identification signs: to educated people when they are within a building or what is surrounding the buildings/campus area.
  • Directional signs: are located strategically within the public environment to help people find their goal destinations.
  • Warning signs: indicate safety procedures to follow in case of an emergency such as a fire escape routes, no smoking or designated smoking areas and other regulations such as employee only or restricted areas.
  • Church
  • Office
  • PTG offers many exterior and interior signage solutions. Ask us today to help assist you with your wayfinding directional signage needs.

Standoff Signage

PTG specializes in indoor signage using standoffs hanging systems. With the clean look and feel standoffs are an ideal way to give dimension to a once boring, standard looking sign. A sign using standoffs usually consists of barrels, caps, edge-grips, hardware, or grippers. They are made of stainless steel and/or aluminum. Aside from a lexan or acrylic sign which is the most common material used for stand off signage, they are also made to hold glass, panels, photographs, artwork, and displays, among other materials. Standoffs hold these materials together horizontally or vertically at a predetermined distance from a surface.

Typically, standoff signage is used for enhancing logo entrance signs. There are many types of standoffs sign holders that can be utilized such as aluminum, stainless steel, is available in may finishes included LED backlit standoffs. Ask our Mad Monkey team about our sign holder cabling abilities as well.

Vinyl Banners

Whether it’s vinyl, mesh, blockout, single side or double sided our team can deliver on any size project. Our wide format printing capabilities is solvent based made for outdoor use, CMYK printing at 1000 dpi to provide a photo quality output. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the printing quality we have to offer. Our quality made vinyl banners are finished with sealed hemmed edges and plastic grommets placed every 2 feet for hanging or securing to a wall surface.

We have substantial experience with all types of graphic design, from small vinyl decals to vehicle/truck wraps, large wall murals and window decals to everything else in between.

PTG has a knack for designing business signage and vehicle wraps, but on top of that also choosing the right media materials to complete any application. Whether it’s a truck wrap or wall decal or outdoor banner, our goal is to take your brand and build signage to extend brand awareness that goes beyond just the sign itself.

How Custom Signage Works

We are happy to help assist you with your new signage purchase. Sometimes, an on site evaluation is required depending upon your needs and wants. By calling our team they can help determine whether an on-site meeting is necessary to help complete your outdoor or indoor signage project. If an on site assessment is necessary, a day/time will be set up to meet and discuss the options required. From there, a sign estimate will be provided and from there the sign process will begin.

You can submit your own completed graphic, image artwork file or you can take advantage of our Team to assist you. We provide an Online E-Proof mock up allowing you review and approve your imagery prior to production beginning.

If you are in need of a good quality, high resolution digital photo or illustration artwork then we suggest to search on stock photography websites like istockphoto, BigStock Photo, Adobe and or Shutterstock. When buying a digital photo, buy the highest resolution available. If you need further design assistance our Team can also drop type and logos into your photo further adding to your branding customization (design costs may apply).

Send us your ideas, photo or completed art file, and the size of your wall. We’ll let you know if there are any problems making the art image file you’ve sent over as large as your wall. The entire process can take about 3-7 business days – depending. If you are in a hurry, we’ll find a way to meet your needs. Contact us today and get started!