Tinted windows are safer in the event of a car accident

  • The sounds of a collision often end with broken glass. Windows and windshield are particularly vulnerable, but the extra coating of window tints, no matter the shade, strengthens the glass and keeps it in place. Though the glass may still break, the shards are less likely to come apart from the window and enter the cabin to harm passengers.

Window tinting stops glare

  • Glare is dangerous driving hazard, and sun visors and even some sunglasses don’t do enough to stop or reduce the glare. The only option to remedy this hazard is tinting windows. You’ll notice a difference at even the lowest shade, so any window tinting will bring relief to glare-suffering drivers.

Protect valuables with tinted windows

  • Between adventures, parties, commutes, family trips and everyday driving, people use their cars for many reasons, and some people nearly live in their vehicles. With all this driving, we bring items into and out of our cars constantly, and some things, such as GPS and navigational units, DVDs and DVD players, tablets, e-readers, computers and all kinds of valuable items, find permanent homes in the car. Prying eyes scan vehicle interiors for quick and expensive objects that can be nabbed quickly. Darkened windows help to conceal any valuables and personal items stored or left in the vehicle, preventing break-ins.