Terms and Conditions

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General Information

We supply all tools and material needed for the project


We will inspect any flat glass / windows before installation for any defects or previous damage.

Then we will advise you how to proceed and on the best materials to use.

The installation will be carried out by one of our fully trained technicians.

We use a water based solution to apply large sheets of vinyl and window film, any furniture or house hold items will need to be moved or covered to protect them. This is a light spray of water and we will do our very best to prevent any stain or damage to your property but we will not be held responsible.

It is your responsibility to move furniture out of the way before installation, we will call out and survey the property beforehand and advise you on this
and if needed we can help.

All work is carried out during normal working hours, however out of hours and weekends is possible but will carry a higher rate.

We will provide you with a quotation for the services you require and a time framed for completion
however sometimes certain projects may take a little longer, there are a lot variations that can affect the finishing time.
But rest assured we will always do our best to finish on time.

Artwork Approval:

  • Please ensure that all contact details, spelling, punctuation and imagery are checked and approved prior to print.
  • It is your entire responsibility to ensure that once you approve artwork that all information is correct.
  • A re-print, due to errors in this information, are not the responsibility of Precision Graphics.
  • All artwork or design time requested by the customer is chargeable whether or not the item goes to print.
  • Artwork remains the property of Precision Graphics until paid for in full.


All equipment and materials used by Precision Tinting & Graphics are of a very high standard.
We stand behind the work that we carry out, our materials have a lifespan warranty of 7 – 10 years.